About the Client

Over the past 40 years, Leafscape built a legacy as the leading interiorscaper for corporate and commercial clients across Central Arkansas. Other services offered include exterior botanical design and maintenance, holiday decor, living walls, moss walls, wedding, and event installations. Most recently, the company has expanded its interior plant service offering area to address design, installation, and service to clients in Northwest Arkansas. Live plants help to clean the air and promote wellness in the workplace. The company’s plant care specialists provide the expertise, care, and maintenance needed to make each space come to life.

Project Scope

This project included a rebranding overhaul – from name discovery and logo design to art direction and website redesign. We also developed public relations materials to announce the rebrand and directed advertising on multiple media platforms. For the past forty years, PLANTation Services led Arkansas in interior landscaping. In the last decade, a change in ownership and expansion in offered services called for a complete rebrand. The team came to us in need of an extensive refresh. By creating a new brand story, look, and logo for the landscaping company, we primed the soil for LeafScape to come to life.


The owner of LeafScape wanted an updated brand story and logo that reflected the growth of PLANTations Services. Matmon created a name, core values, and a new logo reflective of the company’s team and passion for interiorscaping and plant care. We created a brand story that cohesively envelopes a timeless call back to nature in a clean, professional way with a touch of whimsy.

LeafScape Logo


Our greatest priority when redesigning LeafScape’s website was emphasizing their new brand in a visually stunning, user-friendly way. Through web design, copywriting, and brand work – we created digital real estate for LeafScape to flourish.

LeafScape Website

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