Seriously, you are. Think of social media from three different perspectives: a reviewer, a blogger and a promoter.

Social Media as a Reviewer
Today’s consumer documents everything. Whether they visit your store, use your product or service, or speak with an employee, they are likely to tweet, Instagram, or Facebook about it. They may also tag you in their post. They will discuss their experience (positive or negative) for all of their friends and followers to see, which can be good or bad for your company. If the post is negative feedback, it’s an excellent opportunity for you to practice awesome customer service with a quick response, apology, or even offer something to make up for their bad experiences such as a discount on a future product or service. If it’s good feedback, then YAY! You’re doing something right.

Social Media as a Blogger
Social media gives you a place to post about what is going on in your business, where EVERYONE can see it. You can post about current sales, new items, new services, job openings, interesting industry-related topics, company culture, the community, etc. It’s your chance to keep people informed and stay in front of them, so your brand stays top of mind.

Social Media as a Promoter
Social Media is a great platform to promote your company. It provides you with the ability to buy ad placements on different social platforms and set your advertising budget. It also gives you the opportunity to target a particular audience and promote yourself to a pool of people that you may have never reached outside of social media. You have to admit, that’s a pretty powerful tool!

So be social. Be current. Be present.