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Digital Marketing Intern

Are you looking for a rad internship? One with amazing coworkers and fun clients?

Well, we’d love to talk!

As a full-service marketing agency in Little Rock, we do creative and intelligent work for great clients who are doing all the things for this world to be a better place and it makes working here so much fun.

As a part-time social media intern, you’d get to do fun work with those great clients. You wouldn’t have a boring internship where you waste time getting us coffee. (Afterall, we already have a barista!) Instead, you’d be getting legitimate experience. You’d work with several clients’ marketing, as well as refreshing our own fabulous Instagram… You’d create and schedule a variety of posts as well as learn the analytical side of how social media platforms work. You’d also be responsible for managing and delegating digital marketing campaigns on various platforms such as YouTube, the Display Network, SEM, and Facebook. We’ll discuss hours and pay when you come in for an interview.

Still interested? Cool. Here’s what we need you to do. We’ve listed three fake clients below. You’ll take a picture for each, pair them with a caption, and present them to us. Don’t worry about branding. Improvise if you have to. Show us how creative you can be.

Freaky Fresh Fashion Finds

Since 2003, Freaky Fresh Fashion Finds has been bringing the hottest fashion trends to the midsouth. They’ve never stopped growing, but they do compete against major retailers. They need something to set them apart. They need to show customers that they’re more personal than any department store is. They want their story to be told.

Sturdy Steel Structures

When it comes to construction, you can’t beat the three generations that family-owned Sturdy Steel Structures brings to the table. They’re amazing builders, but not so great when it comes to “the Interwebs”. They need someone to make them relevant on the web so they can focus on doing what they do best: construction.

The Tasty Taco Truck

The Tasty Taco Truck has taken over the Little Rock food scene in the past three years. They’ve got it all: food, atmosphere, and service. It’s an incredible business. In fact, they’ve been so busy that they haven’t been able to create an amazing social media presence. They need a makeover.

How to Apply

Please submit a résumé and the above project (and a portfolio if you have one) to rahel@matmon.com. We can’t wait to talk!

Digital Marketing Specialist

Company Description

Matmon is a full-service, creative ad agency located in downtown Little Rock, AR. The name Matmon is a Hebrew word that means “Hidden Treasure.” We are experts in taking companies that have huge potential and hidden value and making them known. Our services are primarily centered around Digital Marketing, Creative Products (Photography, Videography, and Graphic Design), Web Design and Development, and Branding. We have long-standing relationships with excellent clients on a local and national scale.

Job Description

A Digital Advertising Specialist will produce and delegate all aspects of our Digital Marketing efforts. They will need to be able to build and maintain marketing campaigns through client interviews, research, campaign analytic reporting, ad copy, creative image selection, and performance improvements. They’re skilled in creating and managing digital marketing campaigns that meet brand objectives while increasing web traffic, boosting sales, and demonstrating measurable brand awareness.

Job Requirements

3-5 yrs of experience in digital marketing.
Bachelor’s degree in a related field or equivalent experience.
Experience working with multiple clients simultaneously.
Experience with SEM, social media ads, pre-roll video ads, the Display network.
Ability to learn quickly.
Ability to follow through and consistently meet goals and deadlines
Strong interpersonal skills — will be a variety of clients.
Internally motivated and a self-starter.
Thrives in a fast-paced environment.
Attention to detail.
Highly analytical.
Solution-driven and client-focused.

Working for Matmon

Competitive salary.
Option for a commission on marketing profit.
Matched 401k contributions.
Health, dental and vision.

Seniority Level


Our Industry

Marketing & Advertising
Online Media
Public Relations & Communications

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Job Functions

Digital Advertising

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