About the Client


Since 2010, Rock Town Distillery has called Little Rock home and sources ingredients from farmers across Arkansas. Phil Brandon’s goal for Rock Town was to make an affordable product using all-natural ingredients that could compete against any top-shelf competitor in the nation. That is precisely what Rock Town has done.

Project Scope

Rock Town Distillery had a pre-existing website, but its numerous award-winning products and events/tours page were not showcased in an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly way. An overall refresh of Rocktown's website was needed, including fresh visuals, copy, and a dynamic way for customers to view their products.


We designed a modern and eye-catching homepage with easy-to-spot navigation to critical sections of Rocktown Distillery's site. It was crucial to develop a mobile-friendly site since most of Rocktown's existing website traffic was from mobile users. To showcase Rocktown's award-winning products in a user-friendly way, we completely redesigned the products page. By adding store availability and in-depth product details, customers were better able to navigate the site leading to increase engagement.

Content Creation

Rock Town Distillery needed fresh content that matched its brand. Going behind the scenes, we captured next-level video and photography that elevated Rocktown's website and reflected their awesome brand.


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