About the Client

Since 1911, Snell Prosthetics & Orthotics has been restoring mobility and independence for their customers. This local and family-owned business specializes in the latest technology and customer care. With 10 locations, Snell is a state leader in prosthetic, orthotic, pedorthic and post-mastectomy care.

Project Scope

From day one, the Snell project has been an all-in effort. They came to us in need of a total revamp, as competition was taking over with updated websites and social media. We took the shell of Snell, a beloved company across the state, and made it awesome. From reforming their website, essentially from the ground up, to managing regular social media campaigns, this is a full-service account. Our team works in tandem with an out-of-state firm, who works on a service retainer for traditional advertising tactics like print ads, print literature and public relations. This ensures every piece of the marketing has a consistent voice and look.

Snell Website

Brand Book

When it’s all said and done, everything that makes a marketing campaign successful comes back to branding. Snell’s brand was already there, it just needed some updates and a phrase, or motto, to carry it through. That’s where we came in. With consistent messaging and design, we made sure that Snell isn’t just Where Caring Moves, but Where Caring Succeeds. In order to do this, we created a brand book that covers everything from messaging to font styles and colors. This consistency is key to carrying a successful rebranding campaign, which is exactly what our team did. Creating the brand book required a series of discovery interviews and competitor research to determine an authentic brand promise.

Snell Branding


Our greatest priority when creating Snell’s website was modernizing it for today’s mobile users, while maintaining and emphasizing their brand. Creating the website required extensive brand work, strategy, asset and content creation.

Snell Website

Social Media

When they first came to us, Snell’s social presence needed some love. Our team handled profile re-designs, including consistent vanity handles and integration with publishing a reporting platforms. Now, we consistently update all social media accounts with engaging, creative and unique content. From customer quotes to friendly photos, our team covers it all. We also keep up with local media and news to share stories that feature our client.

Snell Instagram

Content Creation

After our first meeting with Snell, we instantly knew their selling point: They are caring and dedicated to their customers. For a business in the health industry, this is often the most important element in finding a practice to work with. What a better way to show that than customer testimony? We have reached out to a variety of Snell’s clients and written in-depth blog posts about their life, including their struggles and their successes. Not only do we interview and write the post, we also host a professional photo shoot with the subject. These images are the center of a majority of our marketing campaigns. These photos and stories serve as real-life examples of Snell’s dedication and work.

Snell Story & Advertising


Meet Dale photo of him hunting with a prosthetic leg

Meet Dena photo of her resting on her classic car with a prosthetic leg

Meet Leland photo of him on his dock next to his boat with a prosthetic leg


"Stories that Inspire"

The brand that we created for Snell Prosthetics & Orthotics is one of hope. Their taglines "Caring that Moves," "Caring that Fits," "Caring that Listens," and "Caring that Lasts" communicate a beautiful picture of inspiration. For people that have recently had a major life change, these statements carry a lot of weight. Part of our effort to communicate these values was through the perspective of their patients. One of these stories is from a man named Leland. Watch this inspiring story that where we captured him telling his genuine story. It's a story of a veteran who lost a leg in battle and struggled to return to a functional life before finding Snell.

Frank Snell Testimonial

"We have seen, in several of our offices, 50, 100 and even 200% increase in patients... [Matmon] has really been one of the best business decisions I have ever made in my business career." -Frank Snell