About the Client

McGhee Insurance, founded in Little Rock in 1999, is made up of real people who go above and beyond for their customers, and they needed their website to reflect just that. With a strong company culture and an emphasis on exceptional relationship building, we wanted to create a site that would let current and potential clients of McGhee Insurance see that the world of insurance is accessible when you have a whole agency of friends on your side.

Project Scope

This project called for website design and development, fresh content and photography, and advertising on multiple media platforms.

McGhee’s site redesign centered around a need to improve their leads, specifically through optimizing their form collection process on the site. The old form experience was disjointed for users, plus it was causing headaches on the backend for the McGhee team. Our role was to come in and rework all of the details to make the website accessible and productive for everyone.

McGhee Site


We provided fresh headshots and new images for use sitewide, pulling together the updated look and feel McGhee needed. Crisp imagery adds to the point that McGhee is able to offer a simplified, direct insurance experience to its clients.

Web Design & Development

The new design reorders information into digestible facts and orderly pages that flow intuitively to guide the users’ experience. This includes the flow of our new Commercial and Residential forms. The clean, segmented pages allow you to read from one point to the next, fill out the needed information, and still absorb the details presented.


The McGhee website needs to present a lot of information, and the old site lacked organization and readability. With our new web design, we were able to break down content into readable segments that leave the user feeling satisfied, informed and aware of the next actionable step.