About the Client

Outperforming is the perfect word to describe J. E. Allen's leadership and employees. They're committed to outperforming in every way, which is why we chose that for their tagline. "Everyone on our leadership team stocks drywall, operates forklifts and drives delivery trucks to make sure your products get to you when you need them. We’re not afraid of hard work and getting our hands dirty." - John Allen IV, CEO. This view has been proven to be increasingly real throughout our continuing relationship with them.

Project Scope

Although they had 4 locations, J. E. Allen didn't have a website, so we didn't have any content or information to use. However, after we went through our brand excursive, we had a crystal-clear image of the essence of who they are. They needed everything created from the ground up — including a brand book, website, photography, videography, and digital advertising.

During our brand discovery phase, it was clear that their motto would be "Drywall and Building Supplies ON DEMAND" summing up their commitment to being on budget, on time, and on point. Much of their brand was based around this concept.

J. E. Allen logo


J. E. Allen photography

J. E. Allen photography

Brand Book

Matmon means, "Hidden Treasure" and that's exactly who we love to work with - hidden treasures. J. E. Allen is definitely one. Without a website or any sort of online presence, they were an unknown, valuable resource. Through our brand discovery process, we were able to establish a way to show to others what they knew was great about themselves. Now, they not only have a framework for design but also a brand book to direct their growth.

J. E. Allen flyer


Because they had never had a website, we were given a clean slate with J. E. Allen. They needed a presence that communicated both their professional abilities and their outperforming spirit. Using their brand essence, we were able to display their services, team members, locations, and information about the company. Now, customers know what type of services and products J. E. Allen provides before they even call. We custom developed an easy method to update and change services, team members, and products so that their website will never be out of date.

J. E. Allen website