About the School

The Anthony School educates children PreK3 through 8th grade in a challenging and nurturing environment, engages them through an advanced curriculum, and empowers them to become independent and excited students.

Tour Anthony Video

With a desire to increase personal tours and group preview events, Matmon took on the task to create a compelling video. We documented the testimony of parents, alumni, and staff to craft a story that communicated a singular message that The Anthony School is exceptional in every way.

"Experience Exceptional" Campaign

"Experience Exceptional" is a phrase that we believe sums up what the Anthony School is attempting to do every day: nurture students in a healthy, challenging way. We created a landing page and marketing campaign centered around this phrase to help increase their school tours. We researched the school's population and discovered that most of their students live within 5 miles of the school. We catered the campaign to include that information so that we were reaching people in the most effective way possible. As a result, the Anthony School saw their requests increase multiple times over. We provided a scheduling system to help them manage this drastic increase in tours.

Experience Exceptional banner

Landing Page

Experience Exceptional was the message that came out of the discovery of what separates The Anthony School from the others. In every way from pick up to drop off, they strive to make every experience exceptional. On their landing page, Matmon communicates their mission statement and vision through blocks on the page leading them down and understanding of really who they are.