About the Client

Island Wing Company (IWC) is a fun, Island-themed restaurant franchise. At the Island, you’ll find all of your favorite foods — made with fresh ingredients and fryer-free cooking methods. In every city they’re in, they’re the place to be.

Project Scope

IWC had 7 locations when we started working with them, but they were expanding fast. They needed somebody to come in to help clean up their brand and online presence. There were a few aspects of their brand that they wanted to keep, like their logo, but they needed help making each location’s branding consistent.


To kick off this project, we needed to find out what aspects of the IWC brand we were going to keep the same, what we needed to refine, and how to go about joining the two. Once we had worked out the direction we were going to go in, we put together a style guide to organize the IWC fonts, colors, and photography styles. Then, we dove into their brand book. We clarified who IWC was, what they were trying to do, how their logo should be used, and more. With those two things, we were ready to help Island Wing Company put their best foot forward.

IWC Branding

Photography & Video

We took a summer trip to IWC’s Tallahassee location to shoot product photos and videography. We interviewed the owners, shot B-roll footage of the restaurant in action, and took beautiful photos of the menu items. We were then able to create a video for the new website’s homepage, craft a video for potential franchisees, and update the menu with fresh photography.

IWC Photography


Island Wing Company had multiple websites for each of their locations, but they needed an all-encompassing website to pull the company together. We built them a sleek, modern website that featured a striking landing page video, a comprehensive list of their locations, online ordering, menus, and franchising information.

IWC Website

Menu Design

Every restaurant needs an enticing menu to show off their delicious food. With Island Wing, we had the opportunity to revamp their in-house and catering menus. We gave them a brighter, fresher look. Then, we replaced their old photos with the mouth-watering new ones we took. Now, their menu perfectly reflects their fryer-free food and fun atmosphere!

IWC Menu

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