About the Client

For over 20 years, Friends Tours & Travel has been giving life-changing, faith-growing Christian tours to Biblical locations all over the world. With their knowledgeable, friendly staff, they seek to give tours that change lives.

Project Scope

Deciding which international tour company to travel with is no easy task; incorporating your religious beliefs into the decision makes things even more complex. Friends wanted to stand out from the crowd. Because they have the opportunity to attend conferences where they can interact with interested travelers, they knew they needed a brochure that was memorable.

Logo & Style Guide

Before we could design the brochure, we gave their brand a slight refresh. While maintaining the original feel, we crafted a style guide that would allow the brand to present a unified feel. This included a slight color palette change, making the logo more legible, and adding “Tours & Travel” to the name.


We designed several full-page, detailed brochures for Friends. We created a beautiful style that we were to use for multiple different brochures. Inside the matte pages are dozens of stunning, full-color pictures of the places where the Tours will be attending.

Friends Holy Land Booklet

Friends Europe Booklet


We broke down the brochures into multiple sections designed to fully inform any interested travelers. We wrote about why Tours with Friends are unique, gave testimonies of previous travelers, and detailed explanations of what each day on tour would be like.

Friends Booklet

Thanks for Checking It Out!

We’re proud of the work we did for Friends Tours & Travel, and we can’t wait to watch as they change the lives of people around the world.