About the Client

Based in rural Arkansas, Akin Complete Furniture has built quality contract furniture since 1985. They are always seeking to find a balance between traditional values and continuous innovation. They supply complete furniture sets for the hospitality, senior living, and educational industries.

Project Scope

The Akin brand hadn’t changed much since 1985, but the company had. Although they began as an office furniture supplier, they have since expanded to include several industries. As a result, they needed a cleaner, more flexible brand. They also needed a way to categorize & display their extensive product line.

Photography & Renderings

Because Akin designs and manufactures here in America, they have the ability to tailor that product line to the unique needs of each client. We took photos of their facility and product offering to showcase what they have already created. We also created realistic renderings to display their products in beautiful spaces.

Akin Rendering

Akin Chair Photography

Akin Couch Photography

Logo & Style Guide

We rebranded Akin with a confident red color scheme and a classic text-based logo. This manages to blend their traditional values with their innovative personality. When compared to its competitors, Akin’s brand fits in while still looking fresher and stronger than the rest.


Although Akin is extremely proud of designing, manufacturing, and producing in Arkansas, they understand that many of their clients are from here. Their clients may not understand the unique benefits offered by a company that operates in one city. With their website, we sought to convey Akin’s warmth, the way they tailor their product offerings to each client’s needs, and their extensive experience working with the hospitality, senior living, and educational industries.

Akin Website


We organized all of Akin’s furniture offerings into a catalog divided into manageable sections. Each product has its own images and specifications. We work with Akin on an ongoing basis to ensure that it is constantly updated.

Akin Catalog