Your website layout and navigation play a critical role in capturing attention and pulling visitors deeper into your site. If your navigation comfortably guides the visitors through your website or landing page, it will be natural for them to stick around. On the flip side, if your layout is distracting or confusing to the visitors, they will probably leave in a hurry.

To test your website navigation and layout, pretend you are a new prospect and ask yourself the following questions. (Or better yet, find someone who has never seen your site and ask them to answer these questions.)

  • Where do your eyes go first?
  • What is the most important thing on the page?
  • Where do you think you are supposed to go next?
  •  Are there any distracting or confusing menu items or links that are tempting you to click on them?

For certain projects, Matmon takes your sitemap and creates a wireframe site before we begin graphical designs.  We determine the position of your logo, fonts and behavior of your sites navigation, and size & position of elements to be displayed on each and every page. This gives our clients the ability to work on the questions above so we can provide our graphical designers a clear road map for what to make graphically pleasing thereafter.