About The Client

PrivacyStar provides a reverse phone lookup service that not only supplies users with information on who is calling, but also allows them to file a call complaint reported directly to the FTC.

PrivacyStar is all about big data. We aided the company in massive growth and app sales through proper SEO strategies and keen web development. Having trouble with spam calls? Download the PrivacyStar app.

Project Scope

In 2013, PrivacyStar approached Matmon seeking a complete transformation of their web presence. This included the redesign and development of their website, the enhancement of on-site search performance, and solutions that would maximize the potential of their enormous phone number data sets.

In the cloud

The Website

In order to fully expose PrivacyStar's big data to search engines, we developed a custom, performance-focused phone number lookup application, generated enormous XML sitemaps, created millions of detailed phone number information pages, and re-developed the website's area code and prefix URL patterns. We even combined the custom application with the WordPress CMS, which allowed them to easily create and display blog articles relevant to specific phone numbers in their search results. All of this combined with the weekly engagement of PrivacyStar's marketing and IT departments resulted in a search engine optimized, sleek, responsive new website.

PrivacyStar Desktop & Mobile Websites