About the Client


Mega Store Builders operates in all 50 states and 23 countries throughout the world. Their store development blueprint and business concepts work in all community types whether a business owner is located in a rural area or a busy urban city. Within the Mega Store Builders network, Mega Pack and Ship stores offer franchise owners the ability to open and run their own pack and ship store with customized experiences that differ from any other packing and shipping store competitor.

Project Scope

While working with Mega Store Builders, we designed and implemented a brand new website, Redesigned the logos for the overarching brand along with any sub-categories, created animated video content, and helped implement strategic digital marketing plans.


The Matmon team designed the perfect website to help showcase the different opportunities that Mega Store Builders have for store owners. This website explained the versatility of the business ventures while also showing owner testimonials and all resources needed to start one’s own business.



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Video Content

Matmon created animated video content for Mega Store Builders showcased on the website in both the Dollar Store and Pack and Ship categories. These videos help better explain to potential owners the simplicity of owning and operating their own Mega Store.

Digital Advertising

Matmon Marketing and Advertising team members helped assist in advertising the Mega Store Brand to the public strategically to receive the best return on investment (ROI) possible. By knowing when and where to place digital advertisements along with SEO/SEM work for the Brand Name and website, Matmon was able to increase traffic to the website and put the Mega Store Brand in a better position for business.

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