About The Client

What can we say about First Orion? They are a behemoth, a monster, an umbrella corporation for big, big, big data! They own apps galore, as well as run the business for PrivacyStar, Metro PC Call Block, Call Detector and more. They are a major player in the consumer protection of call privacy.

Project Scope

First Orion is an interesting case study in that they have always stayed behind the scenes in their business ventures. Yet after some time and notoriety, they decided to it was time to brand themselves and step out from the shadows. They came to us with a clean slate- no brand, no content, no website. We started with a logo and designed a unified look for the company. We then designed a slick, clean, full-screen website that invokes the sense that "something BIG is going on here".

First Orion Collateral


We decided to go with a full-screen approach with the site design, keeping mobile in mind at all times. With the use of some snazzy JavaScript and CSS3 animations, we delivered a fun and interactive website.

First Orion Desktop & Mobile Screens