About the Client

Development Consultants Inc., also known as DCI, is a civil engineering firm with locations in both Little Rock and Fayetteville, Arkansas. DCI's team is one of the best in the south, and consists of talented civil engineers, landscape architects, surveyors and planners. Their expertise extends through all phases of their clients' projects, from the site selection process to the finalizations of construction. Their extensive portfolio of successful projects includes project site locations all across the southern portion of the United States.

Project Scope

Before hiring Matmon, DCI was completely without a website. Our team worked with their executives to determine the overall message they wanted their website to communicate. In addition to the overall message, we worked with DCI's team leaders to establish a way to effectively showcase their project work, without giving away too much information to industry competitors.

DCI Page Layout


The final product Matmon created meets all of the specific needs that DCI was looking for. While the website is public, we created a private, password protected side containing all of DCI's projects and their process that users must request access to. Upon DCI's grant of approval, users are then provided with a username and password via an email generated by the customized backend.

DCI Desktop & Mobile Devices

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