Picking a font can be one of two things. Really easy, or really difficult. I tend to lean towards the easy. Not because I am lazy or lack the creative juices to achieve the “ultimate font choice”. Quite the contrary. I personally believe that fonts are a delicately crafted “option” for us to consider


That being said, why mess with perfection. There are so many fonts in the catalogue these days you can find your self spending hours scrolling through the vast amounts of choices on sites like DaFont. I can’t tell you how many times in my earlier website design days I would blow hours searching for the “perfect font”, only to fall back on the classic Helvetic. Know why? It’s perfect, simply put…


Look at MOST of the brands whose names have found their way in the modern lexicon of our dialogue. Want to know take a wile guess which font they use, have used and will continue to use? Helvetica. It’s so perfect someone even made a movie about it.




If you haven’t seen, I highly recommend you do, and if you want to make your next design project fun, awesome and smooth, recommend it to your client. They may just call you the following day and apologize for even considering “MT Curlz”.