Matt Olson & Family Arkansas’ award-winning digital agency, Matmon, is a leading force in the web industry that helps companies through innovative marketing and website development. For more than 20 years, Matmon has been the driving creative force behind many well-known companies. Though many assume Matmon is a creative twist on the owner’s name, Matt Olson, it is actually a Hebrew word meaning “hidden treasure.” Many times a company’s website and advertising fall short of truly representing what makes them awesome. In a sense, valuable aspects of their company are buried. “For twenty years, we have worked with clients to expose the true treasures of their company and reputation through brand development, digital strategy and website design,” says Olson.

Oftentimes small businesses lack the manpower or talent to create and maintain a website worthy of the goods or services they offer. Matt and his team of designers, writers, and strategists create beautiful digital experiences for companies, resulting in increased brand recognition and sales. For example, after working with Matmon, one local landscaping company increased sales by 1300% and online quote requests by 2300%. These outstanding results yielded the company a 500% return on their investment. “We’re passionate about our clients becoming measurably more successful.”

Matt has long been a visionary of the potential of the Internet in the business world. But his interest in the Internet itself began in high school. Matt enrolled in a computer class in 1996, just as the Internet was entering the scene for students. The class was responsible for wiring Lake Hamilton’s schools with high-speed Internet for grades kindergarten through twelfth. The project saved the school an excess of $150,000. “My teachers started asking for my help before and after class with their computers, and I realized the importance of computers and the Internet.  I then attended UALR, majored in Computer Science and while working in the computer labs decided I wanted to design and build websites,” says Olson.

The Matmon office looks just like what you would imagine for a working environment in the tech world: lots of open-spaced cubicles separated by glass partitions that offer a semblance of privacy to the trendy, young office staff. The office common areas are adorned with a treasure trove of unique art pieces, including original paintings by local artist, Pat Matthews.