Local search marketing is for companies that do most or all of their business locally.

Because 70% of U.S. households use the Internet when shopping locally for products and services, and 80% of these searches result in a phone call or visit to the selected business.

More people search for businesses online than anywhere else: local search is fast becoming the most important marketing channel.

Matmon will help you reach millions of potential customers quickly by increasing your visibility. We enhance your business’s ranking in local search results, generating a high click-through rate and quality website traffic.

How can Matmon do this for you?

  • Create and enhance your profiles on search engines.
  • Create and enhance your profiles on directories.
  • Create and enhance your profiles on directories specific to your industry.


On the left is a typical company profile that hasn’t been claimed yet. On the right is a company profile that has been claimed and enhanced with descriptions, pictures and more.


Local Profiles



Matmon creates profiles in three different categories of websites. The first category is search engines that have a local site. The second category is Yellow Pages type directories that aim to list every business that exist. The last category are industry specific directories, that list only businesses that are in a certain industry.


Where are these Profiles


With each new profile, your visibility is increased, it’s a multiplier effect.

The more profiles you have, the more link you create and the more visible your company becomes. A good online network needs to be diverse with links from all three categories seen above.

Why do I need these Profiles


Once Matmon has completed your online profiles, you should see your company getting progressively higher in rankings. The online profiles should also generate higher and better traffic to your website.

Contact Matmon Internet if you’re interested in creating local search profiles for your business.