How strong is your local presence on Google? As marketers, we often see businesses aim all their focus on their broad, overall organic appearance and completely miss the mark with local. But this year, optimizing your Google local presence will be an essential SEO component for any business’s Internet marketing plan.

Why is my Google Local Presence So Important?

Every day thousands of people in your area search on Google for local businesses like yours. According to recent research, there are almost 3 billion search queries with local intent each month (ComScore). Often when Google recognizes a user’s search to have “local intent,” the Google 7 Pack is displayed with the organic results. Now some of you may be asking, “What’s the Google 7 Pack?” The search results that show a list of business’ name, address, phone number and map location is called the Google 7 Pack. In some cases, the 7 Pack may contain less than seven business listings.

Getting your business listed within the Google 7 Pack gives your business the opportunity to rank higher than several of your top competitors, and even the chance to appear more than once in the search engine’s top results if you already rank well organically. Without an optimal local presence, you’re missing out on reaching a multitude of new customers searching for your kind of business.

Ready to take advantage of this opportunity? Optimize your Google local presence with Matmon. As Google certified experts, we’ll get your local presence where it needs to be.