About the Client


Navaux is a life science company with a focus on early cancer diagnostics. Navaux has developed several non-invasive assays capable of detecting circulating levels of key blood proteins linked to various diseases. Hepsin, for example, has been extensively cited in the preclinical and clinical literature (> 500 publications) as a cancer-associated molecule involved in the very earliest stages of cancer development and progression to metastatic disease.

Project Scope

After developing the test for Active Hepsin, Navaux needed help showcasing this life-saving test to the public. They also needed help giving the test a name and logo that people would remember. Navaux needed a new modern sense that emphasized their innovation in the medical industry. The Matmon team kept the designs and feeling clean to give the reader a sense of professionalism.


The Navaux website needed to be able to show the testing information while also providing journals and evidence for the test and research. The website is designed for doctors and medical professionals to learn more about the test while offering a call to action to inquire about the ActivH Test.




Matmon thought up a name that would represent the test for active hepsin in the blood. In the logo, the modern and innovative take shows the tests cutting-edge technology for monitoring and testing for multiple metastatic diseases and cancers.


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