About the Client

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When someone dreams of being their own boss, they go to Liberty. Liberty Opportunities makes financing, supplying, and organizing those dreams a reality for many people. They help future-bosses start a variety of businesses, including dollar stores, candy stores, and party stores.

Project Scope

In today’s world, you need a high-quality, proven online presence to be taken seriously. This is even more true for business that you partner with financially. We needed to help Liberty connect with interested clients, supply them with important information, and then help those customers take steps towards opening their own business.

Web Design & Development

We designed four separate websites for Liberty’s various needs. The primary website is the largest and has the most information available. The other websites are smaller sites that cater to specific branches of Liberty’s business: Dollar Stores, Candy Stores, and Party Stores.

Liberty Logo

Lead Generation Pipeline

When someone applies to open a business through Liberty, they have to be approved. Once approved, the prospective business owners need to know what to do next. People who are not approved need to know what to do so that they can get approved. We helped Liberty set up an email automation that allowed this process to run smoothly.

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The Liberty website does a great job conveying the heart of the company, but it does not dive into the intricate details. They needed a way to present more information. We designed brochures that dig into the nitty gritty of opening a business. These brochures go into pricing per square footage, what you can expect from Liberty, legal information, and more.

Liberty Brochures