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Our Mission

Leverage Island Wing Company’s unique brand appeal through social media and digital marketing.  

A challenge that many brands face with social media is how to create an engaged community of followers. But with a few simple strategies, your local IWC franchise can stick out from the crowd and become a social media superstar.

Google Reviews best practices

Potential Islanders are likely to read reviews before they come in to enjoy paradise. One way to ensure that you’re optimizing your reviews is to take the time to respond. Give a shout out to those customers who leave positive reviews by thanking them.Don’t ignore negative reviews. Thank the customer for their feedback and note that the comment will be utilized to improve future services.You don’t have to reply to every review, but a customer is more likely to choose an authentic brand – i.e. – a restaurant that takes ownership of reviews.


Use #Hashtags! Hashtags make your content searchable in the feed, making you more likely to attract new followers. Use well-known hashtags like #WineDownWednesday and #TacoTuesday to increase brand visibility

Keep your captions short. It is best to keep your message to two sentences or less as this has been shown to be most effective in multiple social media studies.

Keep the caption on brand. Choose words that reflect sunny skies, sandy toes, and that fun, laid-back Island paradise.

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Ever find yourself asking what kind of content you should be posting? Don’t get stuck with lackluster ideas. Island Wing Co always shines with a few key subjects. Photos featuring dogs (if the location allows) and graphics highlighting the local college sports line-up are crowd favorites. When in doubt, see what customers are posting when they stop by. Chances are, you might be able to repost a particularly good customer-captured dog photo or pile of delicious, crispy wings. Sharing customer photos increases engagement, allowing the customers to get in on the conversation.


Influencers shine on social media and can take your IWC store to the next level! Find a local influencer in your area and reach out! Collaborating can bring some serious traction and waves to your social media pages. Developing relationships with local influencers on social media can quickly boost foot traffic to your store so you can fill up the Island in no time.

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