About The Client

Chef Donnie Ferneau has made quite a name for himself in central Arkansas. His culinary delights have been satisfying the taste buds of locals for years. From his flagship venture "Ferneau" to the newly developed "Good Food," he continues to amaze and satiate the most sophisticated palettes in town!

Project Scope

Chef Ferneau is no slouch. He is smart, quick witted and cutting edge. He came to Matmon in need of a website that reflected the sleek environment that his new restaurant presents. He also required the ability to update his menu on the website and Facebook page simultaneously. It was imperative for his website be responsive, so we took the mobile-first approach for design.

Good Food Responsive Wesbite


We developed a responsive, full-screen Wordpress theme, with a Facebook function that automatically posts to Chef Ferneau's wall, exposing the evolving menu to his Facebook followers instantly.

In addition, we added the ability for his website visitors to repost and retweet his daily menus to their networks, further promoting his menu to a wider audience. How's that for automated, hands-free, online advertising?

Good Food Desktop & Mobile Screens

Thanks For Checking It Out

Now that you've seen all of the stuff that went into the project, go check out the food! It's really, really fantastic.