Project Scope

A leading accounting firm broker, Accounting Biz Brokers needed a new, functional website. This website needed to be able to easily manage and update accounting firm listings and news. It also needed to be able to integrate their Salesforce CRM. Accounting Biz Brokers also needed updated photography to match their fresh, new feel.


Accounting Biz Brokers photography

Accounting Biz Brokers photography


While we were building Accounting Biz Broker’s website, we did our best to keep their client’s needs in mind. For example, they have clients in states all across America, so we utilized an interactive map that allowed clients to choose the state they wanted to buy from.

Looking at the listing system in more depth, you’ll see that we made the shopping and buying process incredibly easy. The firm-listing feature is a custom-developed system that allows Accounting Biz Brokers to easily upload the details of each listing and mark its status. The website will then automatically arrange the listing by status and age. Depending on their status, sole listings are automatically placed in a different section.

In those rare cases where there are no active listings in a state, the website displays a call to action for the user to provide their contact information so they can be notified when listings become available. All forms are tracked with Salesforce CRM integration.

Sure, we provided the training to operate their website, but it practically drives itself!

Accounting Biz Brokers